During my PHD studies, I have read quite a number of papers on different subjects, mostly about SOMs, ANNs and the Superior Colliculus.  To organize the knowledge I thus gathered, I took inspiration from Luhmann's Zettelkasten, which I understand to be a minimally-organized collection of facts.

In this day and age, a Zettelkasten of course cannot be just a box of Zettel (scraps of paper) but has to be inthecloud,™ so I've implemented my own system based on CouchDB, PHP and JavaScript.  It has been immensely valuable to me whenever I needed to quickly look up information on some topic or check out what was the relevant content of a paper.

Only part of that knowledge will actually go into my PHD thesis or published papers and I think that's a pity.  Therefore, I'm making it available online.

(The code for this project will be available as soon as I've resolved a few issues and cleaned it up.)


I collected this information for myself.  While I did, in my own interest, try to keep things accurate and understandable, I cannot assume any responsibility for the correctness of any content of my Zettelkasten.  Every fact is connected to a reference.  Do check the references before citing or in any other way relying on the information in this Zettelkasten.

Further, understand that I took the notes in the Zettelkasten opportunistically.  Therefore, the number of facts I drew from a paper correlates more with the time I had for reading it and with how relevant it was to whatever it was at the time I was researching than the quality of that paper.